The latest version of Windows OS Phone, with codenamed ‘Mango’ has reached a stage production called the Release to Manufacturing (RTM). This fall Microsoft’s mobile OS plans will be available for handsets worldwide.

RTM stage marks the end of Microsoft’s development phase for their mobile OS. When Mango in the hands of the handset makers and operators, who have the opportunity to optimize the OS for their devices.

This giant technology companies from Washington is began to introduce Mango in May, with a focus in the development of communication, multitasking applications and Internet browsing. In addition, Mango also will be equipped with new features such as Threads (combination of SMS, Facebook Chat and Internet Messenger), a web-based marketplace for applications, as well as mobile versions of IE9 with HTML5 support.

Though currently Microsoft has also been working with Nokia, but Windows Phone 7 Mango seems still difficult to dominate the mobile market, because the iOS and Android still dominating. But some predictions say that WP7 will increase its achievements within the next few years.