E-mail virus attack NASA and other large companies.

A new e-mail viruses are commonly found in the inbox e-mail inboxes around the world, and one of the victims of magnitude is the U.S. space agency, NASA, as quoted from Pocket-Lint, Monday (09/13/2010).

A worm virus that McAfee is described as a virus “Here You Have”, which is spread by the classical way; appeared in the inboxes of e-mails with attachments, which when opened in Windows, the virus will multiply and send (by itself) to e-mail everyone in your contacts list.

The virus will disable the security system of your computer software. Virus “Here You Have” has now spread so widely, up to an anti-virus companies have warned the virus is widespread globally. The worm also has the potential to enter the e-mail server, either locally or through network.

In addition to NASA, major corporations affected by this virus is Comcast.

The best way to avoid this virus is to avoid opening e-mail with a subject that read “Here You Have”, even if the e-mail is coming from your e-mail your friends and relatives.